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How to achieve a clean home without yelling. A clean home and no yelling, you say. The key is getting your kids to listen.

Why do you feel the need to yell at your child?

If we examine this question, there may not be easy answers.

Perhaps you have had a difficult day.
Maybe you wanted to stop by a store to pick up something, and you expected to be in and out quickly only to learn that they were out of stock.

A difficult day or an unexpected adverse event can cause your blood pressure to go up and your patience to go down. Your breathing may change, and you may feel more nervous.

We often feel frustrated when we do not have the control we expect. Sometimes, we wish we had control over things where we have very little control. The example of the store being out of stock of an item you needed is an example.

So, what can you control to reduce your stress level?

This post at A Clean Vision will provide insights into why you may sometimes get upset and resort to yelling and also give you some ideas on how to talk with your children to make it better for everyone.

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